You Can’t Do Binary Under Pressure

Think you’ve got binary math down pat?  Put your skills to the test: You Can’t Do Binary Under Pressure I was digging through my bookmarks this morning doing some cleanup and found this gem.  Happy Friday!

Python vs Ruby

TL;DR: I like python (mostly because I’m fairly proficient with it) but have a lot of respect for ruby.  However, the two languages are actually really similar at lower levels. This might be a less typical “vs” article.  Really, I don’t enjoy language wars.  I believe that each language is a tool that solves particular problems well. […]

Puppet git hooks

Since I have noticed an uptick in interest in my puppet-git-hooks, I thought I should dedicate some time to explaining myself (also, this is the first time anyone has ever written a book about anything that I’ve done). The Goal The highest level goal for these git hooks is to provide a programmatic mechanism for validating puppet […]

Latest Project: pimometer

The Birth of pimometer I don’t have too much to report on this yet, but I’ve been working on a Raspberry Pi project to monitor the status of a long BBQ or smoke out.  It’s under the current working title of pimometer.  Various design points are still being talked through, but I think we have the […]

Why I Hate: Java – Library Management

There are many things I hate (or dislike, or currently have a bone to pick, etc.).  I thought that Java would be a good first target for a post. Maybe my lack of any formal training is hindering me here, but I find trying to leverage public libraries (take google-guava for example) in Java the […]