Telecommuting Tips – Part 2

Have fun For the first couple of weeks, I was finding it hard to actually enjoy myself.  While working in an office, there are plenty of entertaining things going on.  You hear side conversations that interest you, you bump into colleagues that you enjoy, youtube links are dropped into chat, etc.  All of these things […]

Steam running in Docker (lxc)

I had a bout of insomnia last night and decided to play with Docker.  For the uninitiated, Docker is a like chroot on steroids.  It allows for applications to be force to run within a specific context, disallowing them to break out of that context (where context can be CPU allocation, hardware allocation, filesystem scoping, etc.). […]

If programming languages were vehicles

This article is personally funny to me on a deeper level, as I actually think minivans make a lot of sense and was trying to convince the wife that we should get one instead of an SUV. Also, comparing javascript to a lifted golf cart is so spot on (with node.js making headway, these days).  I would love to […]

Telecommuting Tips – Part 1

As many of you know, I have recently begun living the dream, or what is otherwise called “telecommuting“.  I have worked from home for a day or two a week while employed by previous employers, but never full time.  I have noticed a bit of a difference between periodically working from home and full-time telecommute. […]

HDHomeRun Prime Deal has a good deal on an HDHomeRun Prime (HDHR) at the moment ( and it comes with a free wireless router as well.  I’ve been pretty happy with my HDHR and it’s assistance in cutting some cords.  I do still pay for limited basic cable which is something like $20/mo.  Since I have the […]

Project Update: Pimometer

Found some time to work on pimometer this weekend.  Made some decent progress.  Our original goal included leveraging a custom built django API, but upon further examining of our needs, we decided the MongoDB API was really all we needed.     We now have a working WebUI (though it is a bit minimal at the moment), […]

What to do with a broken SGS3

My wife and I both have Google Nexus 5 phones (maybe I’ll write more about that decision later) and couldn’t be happier.  However, prior to our current setup, we had a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGS3) we passed around for a while until the screen broke: Beyond the screen having cracks in it, everything works perfectly […]