Mechanical keyboard

I recently purchased a new mechanical keyboard.  My usual functions are gaming (maybe 15% of my time on a computer) and programming.  While I’m certainly not a hard core gamer, I do enjoy the competition and want the correct gear in order to ensure that I can compete at an average (or above) level.  But since my […]

M.2 (NGFF) and you!

I have an aging file server.  It’s got a modest 1.5GB of RAM, a dual Celeron 2.0GHz CPU, and 4.5TB usable disk space thanks to mdadm, raid5, and six 1TB disks.  However, since I’m now at 86% usage on this array, my fileserver is becoming pretty overwhelmed thanks to the raid5 decision I made early on […]

My Big Red Button

For Christmas, I got a USB Big Red Button.  I honestly have not even looked at what it is supposed to do as it comes from the manufacturer (mostly because they only officially support Windows and I only run Linux). I am, however, inspired by the simplicity and tactile interface of the Big Red Button.  I’ve read […]

HDHomeRun Prime Deal has a good deal on an HDHomeRun Prime (HDHR) at the moment ( and it comes with a free wireless router as well.  I’ve been pretty happy with my HDHR and it’s assistance in cutting some cords.  I do still pay for limited basic cable which is something like $20/mo.  Since I have the […]

What to do with a broken SGS3

My wife and I both have Google Nexus 5 phones (maybe I’ll write more about that decision later) and couldn’t be happier.  However, prior to our current setup, we had a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGS3) we passed around for a while until the screen broke: Beyond the screen having cracks in it, everything works perfectly […]