Another year, another off-shores OpenStack Summit

Last year, I posted about how busy we were around OpenStack Summit Paris and even after 365 days, we’re still keeping busy.  While one blog post isn’t enough space to cover everything we’ve been doing, I thought it would be nice to at least highlight some of the key projects.  So let’s begin! Akanda, the startup we spun […]

Mechanical keyboard

I recently purchased a new mechanical keyboard.  My usual functions are gaming (maybe 15% of my time on a computer) and programming.  While I’m certainly not a hard core gamer, I do enjoy the competition and want the correct gear in order to ensure that I can compete at an average (or above) level.  But since my […]

M.2 (NGFF) and you!

I have an aging file server.  It’s got a modest 1.5GB of RAM, a dual Celeron 2.0GHz CPU, and 4.5TB usable disk space thanks to mdadm, raid5, and six 1TB disks.  However, since I’m now at 86% usage on this array, my fileserver is becoming pretty overwhelmed thanks to the raid5 decision I made early on […]

My Big Red Button

For Christmas, I got a USB Big Red Button.  I honestly have not even looked at what it is supposed to do as it comes from the manufacturer (mostly because they only officially support Windows and I only run Linux). I am, however, inspired by the simplicity and tactile interface of the Big Red Button.  I’ve read […]

We’re in the thick of it

On the Dreamhost cloud team, we’ve been busy.  First off, we really make a big effort to participate in the open source communities.  This requires time and energy on our part, but I think that giving back to the communities we rely on to do our business is good publicity and makes the products we rely […]

One-click-installs vs true “as a service”

I’ve been pondering the real user-perspective difference between one-click-installs (OCI) to bring a service online versus true “as a service” (XaaS) type models.  My current thinking is that the goal for all of these XaaS offerings is that the user needn’t bother going through the sometimes tedious installation process and to remove other management overhead.  Most of […]

Portable Git Hooks

My professional experience has given me opportunities to play with git hooks.  Possibly the most vetted is the hooks I created for puppet.  I’ve been most recently living in a less puppet-centric and more python-centric world.  The projects I’ve been contributing to and maintaining are mostly python, but have a fair bit of non-python in them as […]

Telecommuting Tips – Part 2

Have fun For the first couple of weeks, I was finding it hard to actually enjoy myself.  While working in an office, there are plenty of entertaining things going on.  You hear side conversations that interest you, you bump into colleagues that you enjoy, youtube links are dropped into chat, etc.  All of these things […]

Steam running in Docker (lxc)

I had a bout of insomnia last night and decided to play with Docker.  For the uninitiated, Docker is a like chroot on steroids.  It allows for applications to be force to run within a specific context, disallowing them to break out of that context (where context can be CPU allocation, hardware allocation, filesystem scoping, etc.). […]

If programming languages were vehicles

This article is personally funny to me on a deeper level, as I actually think minivans make a lot of sense and was trying to convince the wife that we should get one instead of an SUV. Also, comparing javascript to a lifted golf cart is so spot on (with node.js making headway, these days).  I would love to […]